Japanese Home Cooking Class

by HHH

Are you interested in Japanese Home Cooking?

        I will visit, teach how to cook while customizing at your request 


Let's make Japanese home cooking dishes at your residence in Tokyo. 

First let's go together to one of the nearest supermarkets. 

Let's buy ingredients for the dishes according to the menu No. A-E (see bellow) you chose. 

While doing shopping, I will explain them in details ex. what kind of things they are, what are contained in them or anything you would like to know. 

And then start cooking!!! 

According to the recipes and instructions in English I hand to you, you can easily make the dishes which are very popular as home cooking. 

After that let's make the table and have lunch together which I am sure will be fun and become one of your memorable Japanese experiences. 

So why don't you join!

Followings are the examples of the menus. 

Japanese Home Cooking Class

A. Sushi making class : NIgiri zushi (hand-made sushi), Hoso-maki zushi (rolled sushi)

Japanese Home Cooking Class
B. Popular mother's cooking ; Nikujaga( boiled potato & meat in a special broth), Dashimaki tamago( rolled egg with dashi soup), pickles, miso-soup and rice. 
Japanese Home Cooking Class
C. Popular dishes in general ; Oden( special dish cooked in a broth) or Chicken/ fish Teri-Yaki ( Chicken or fish coated with sauce), pickles, miso soup and rice. 

D. Donburi ; Oyako don(cooked egg and chicken on rice) , Katsu don( pork cutlet on rice), Ten don ( Tempura on rice); choose one and Chawanmushi( pudding-like steamed egg dish), pickles and miso soup.

E. Popular for all; Curry rice, Ramen, Nabe-yaki Udon ( udon with egg and many ingredients in a donabe-pot), Okonomi-yaki (meat/seafood and vegetable pancake). choose one.

When you choose one from A-E and teach me what you don't/can't eat and what you like to have , I will customise the menu for you. 

*For group ( up to 3) I have a discount plan. Please see FAQ in Japanese Cooking Class



Please see my tour⇒Japanese Home Cooking Class


07 Jan 2016

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