05 Feb 2015


It's NINJA time!

In the olden days, Ninja served feudal lords (high-ranking warriors) or worked independently as private secret agents. They were trained to infiltrate the enemy's organization and specialized in espionage, sabotage and assassination. Their mysterious and secretive ways still fascinate people today. In fact, their unique techniques of sword play, evasion, invisibility and hand-to hand fighting are portrayed in TV dramas and movies the world over.


Hanayashiki Ninja Training

It's NINJA time!

For ¥2,000, people of all ages (6 and up) can learn these skills at Hanayashiki Ninja Training School located along Hanayashiki Street next to Asakusa-Kannon temple in downtown Asakusa. The course takes 60 min. and involves a lot of exercise with a highly-skilled ninja master, so be sure to wear something comfortable, such as T-shirts and loose-fitting trousers.

Afterwards, successful graduates are awarded training completion certificates of their unique accomplishment. There is also a gift shop where you can purchase mementos of your memorable experience. Now it's Ninja time! 

It's NINJA time!

It is part of Hanayashiki Amusement Park. It takes a few min. from the main hall of Asakusa-Kannon temple.

HP: hanayashiki

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