It's May !! - Fresh Green Season

by Mack - Japan Licensed Guide
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It's May!! - Fresh Green Season has come

 Sakura is gone but there is still beauty of this time.

 Gorgeous sakura is already over in Tokyo area. Those who are planning to visit this month may think there is nothing beautiful. NO!! It's not true!! There exists wonderful natural beauty of this time, the middle of spring and summer.

 It is often said Japan has four seasons and each season has its own beauty. That's right but it is not sufficient expression.  To be more precise, we should say Japan has four seasons each of which has its own beauty and on top of that the transition from one season to another also give us wonderful moment.  Here seasons change gradually and sometimes go back and forth creating very subtle but impressive intermediate time.

 It's May. Between spring and summer, it is often referred as early summer and season of fresh green, which is color of new born young leaf like these.

 It's May !! - Fresh Green Season Zoujyouji temple  
It's May !! - Fresh Green Season Yushima Seido
It's May !! - Fresh Green Season Yushima Seido Statue of Confucius

So refreshing, isn't it.

People in old days depict this early summer season in short poem as follows;

Fresh green in our eyes, singing birds in the mountains and first catch of bonito. 

Refreshing color, sounds and then taste!! Those three combined  are sufficient to satisfy our sensitivity, isn't it?

Let's eat bonito after viewing fresh green!!

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02 May 2017


Licensed Guide
(18) Reviews

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