Intimate family from Hong Kong

by Takehiko

Cheerful Mama,papa and their children in filial piety

living in Hongkong came over to Osaka and Nara for sighteeing in the early February.

Mother has been using a wheelchair since several years before ,so her family have helped  or taken care of her.

They would like to visit Japan ,of course together with mama,but don't know how .

And then,Little sister checked it out on the Internet and found the site,Japan Accessible Tourism Center.

Mr,KIJIMA(called KIJI),president of JATC,has been to almost 130 countries on a wheelchair since his early 20's.

He is famous for pioneering tourism abroad from Japan on a wheelchair.


When we met at Kansai International Airport for the first time,Papa would be doubtful if I was really reliable.

Because he didn't shake hands with me strongly,I guess.

B,B,But,he gradually gave me smiles and began to talk to me in English that he seldom spoke.

I was very pleased and happy to see him show his applaud for my taking care of them.


Mama and Papa are of the same age.In addition,me too.

I will never forget the days spent with the family.

Thank you . Thank you.I appreciate it.

See you again some day.

Tours in Osaka&Kyoto are below. ↓

12 Mar 2015


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I was born in 1959 in Tokushima Prefecture,Shikoku Island,and am a taxi driver of a wheelchair accessible van which accommodates a wheelchair , another 5 passengers,and your luggage.
I can also meet and see you off at Kansai International Airport, JR Kyoto or Shin-Osaka station ,
and so on.
Among the customers last year,they are from Australia,Hong Kong,Thailand,USA,Canada,Indonasia,
New Caledonia,Mexico,and Vietnam.
I have much information about accessible places of interest,scenic sites,restautants,and bathrooms
of Osaka,Kyoto and Nara.

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