Intimate family from Hong Kong

by Takehiko - Japan Licensed Guide
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Cheerful Mama,papa and their children in filial piety

living in Hongkong came over to Osaka and Nara for sighteeing in the early February.

Mother has been using a wheelchair since several years before ,so her family have helped  or taken care of her.

They would like to visit Japan ,of course together with mama,but don't know how .

And then,Little sister checked it out on the Internet and found the site,Japan Accessible Tourism Center.

Mr,KIJIMA(called KIJI),president of JATC,has been to almost 130 countries on a wheelchair since his early 20's.

He is famous for pioneering tourism abroad from Japan on a wheelchair.


When we met at Kansai International Airport for the first time,Papa would be doubtful if I was really reliable.

Because he didn't shake hands with me strongly,I guess.

B,B,But,he gradually gave me smiles and began to talk to me in English that he seldom spoke.

I was very pleased and happy to see him show his applaud for my taking care of them.


Mama and Papa are of the same age.In addition,me too.

I will never forget the days spent with the family.

Thank you . Thank you.I appreciate it.

See you again some day.

Tours in Osaka&Kyoto are below. ↓

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12 Mar 2015


Licensed Guide
(25) Reviews

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