30 Jul 2014

Ikayaki means grilled squid and is a popular snack food in Japanese festivals. It is usually savored with soy sauce and served on sticks. Ikayaki may be served in sliced squid body rings, a squid body as a whole, or just the tentacles. Ikayaki in festivals would normally cost around 200-500 Yen depending on squid part.


On a ranking survey conducted by Naver, festival patrons would love to eat ikayaki next to takoyaki and yakisoba in a Japanese festival.  


A regional variety to ikayaki is the Osaka Ikayaki, which is a specialty recipe in the western regions of Japan. The Osaka Ikayaki can also be referred to as "squid pancakes".


Ikayaki: Grilled Squid on Sticks

Photo from tsunagujapan.com

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