30 Jul 2014

I LOHAS Water Features Easy-twist, Eco-friendly Bottles


From the globally known beverage brand, Coca-Cola, comes I LOHAS mineral water that is produced in Coca-Cola Japan. With the goal of pursuing sustainable business growth while coping with complex and intertwined issues facing society, such as global environmental, social, and economic problems the global company, Coca-Cola, introduced a new guiding principle back in 2009 which is "Live Positively -- Make a Positive Difference in the World" . The company's objective to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from its manufacturing, distribution, sales, and office sector throughout the entire Coca-Cola system in Japan this I LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) mineral water bottle was produced. (Photo from blog.xuite.net)

The 520ml mineral water bottle can be easily crushed into a 12 gram piece of plastic - that is 40% less plastic than similar PET (recyclable) bottles. Lighter delivery loads, recycling shipments with less wasted air, and a smaller number of waste disposal emissions are the benefits of Coca-Cola's minimization of plastic and easy-crush design in the I LOHAS bottle.

Get. Drink. And twist an I LOHAS now!

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