I climbed Mt. Fuji from 1st station to the top and back to 1st station

by Yuji

Mt. Fuji is actually closed officially.  Officially open from July 1 - Sept. 10. 

However, there are people still climb. I was one of them. 

I checked and saw no snow on Mt. Fuji and I have decided to go up on Oct. 11. 

But not from 5th station as standard, but from 1st station. 

I needed 11 hours including resting time.

Very windy when I was walking around the top along the crater.

There were moments I thought I would be blown away....

Any time soon, Mt. Fuji will be snow covered. 

I climbed Mt. Fuji from 1st station to the top and back to 1st station






11 Oct 2017


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