17 Jun 2014


Here is the most frequently asked question I get from my clients.

"How much time do you think I will need in .......?"

You are on a week trip to Japan,staying in Tokyo then Kyoto, and perhaps some other city for a night.Want to see as much as you can while you are in Japan,so eager to know how much you can do.You don't want to miss out MUST things here,but want to go next destination to discover something new too.
Yes... traveling can be really busy. I understand your feeling totally, Im also like that when I travel;)
Kamakura,only an hour train ride from Tokyo is said to be a good daytrip destination.
Yes,it is doable of course,and it might actually save some money staying in same hotel in Tokyo.
However, a daytrip to Kamakura is pretty tough even for me as a guide.There are simply so many interesting stuff to see. 
The famous big Buddha of course, fascinating shopping streets around Kamakura station,cave in Enoshima, view of Mt Fuji on the Enoden train,hiking in surrounding hills,eating local foods and oh,cup of macha in the bamboo temple sounds great too...!!
Kamakura area pretty spread out, it is impossible to fulfill your wishes on a day trip.
So here is my advice.

Enjoy relaxing stay in Kamakura.

At night,
have meal at friendly izakaya or French(or maybe Italian) restaurant using fresh Kamakura vegetables
How much time do I need in Kamakura?
enjoy chatting over local beer at the guesthouse
How much time do I need in Kamakura? 
feel the cool breeze from the beach...
How much time do I need in Kamakura?
In a morning,
go for a walk around the neighborhood
How much time do I need in Kamakura?
enjoy fresh coffee at the cafe loved by locals
How much time do I need in Kamakura?
check out the morning market
How much time do I need in Kamakura?
or yoga on the beach??
How much time do I need in Kamakura?
Let's take it easy,enjoy your time in Kamakura. 
It's not a place for rushing;)
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