How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Private Car Service in Tokyo?

by Kenzia - TripleLights travel specialist

To travel in Tokyo, you will probably have to do a lot of walking. Not only walking, there are many options of public transport, but some people think that traveling around by a private car is so much more convenient. If you are one of those people and are looking for a private car service but don’t know how much does it cost or where to find them, look no further!


By the time you’ve finished this article, you will have figured it all out.


In this article, I’m going to share with you the cost hiring a private car service in Tokyo, where to find them, advantages and disadvantages of hiring them, and the cost of hiring a car in Tokyo. So, read on!

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Private Car Service in Tokyo?

Tokyo is a sprawling city with incredible attractions all over the city. To go to those places, you will be required to do a lot of traveling. There are many choices of efficient public transportation like train, subway, bus, taxis, and others to take you from places to places. However, many tourists prefer to tour by a private car for convenience. How much does it cost?


Cost of hiring a private car service in Tokyo

The prices vary. It can cost around US$230~$600, depending on what type of vehicle, how many persons are in your group, how long is the service going to be, and some have included a private Tokyo tour within its service.


If you have a smaller group, you can rent a smaller car. But if you have a bigger group, you need to hire a bigger car which might cost higher.


You can choose how long you want the service to be. Usually, the services offered are around 4 hours to 8 hours, but you can add extra hours according to your needs.


What do you get and not get if you hire a private car service?

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Private Car Service in Tokyo?

Keep in mind that by hiring a private car service, usually, you will have already paid for a car, a private driver, the fuel cost, and a hotel pick-up and drop-off.


You will need to pay extra for the toll fee, entrance fee, parking fee, and meals. It may differ from each company, so make sure you check before you book.


Where to find private car services?


There are many places on the web where you can hire a private car service in Tokyo. But, it’s a lottery. You can’t know whether it is a trustworthy and good website or not, or will you be getting a good service or not.


My recommendation is the Triplelights website. The website offers many different choices of private car services and transfers in Tokyo. You can choose according to your needs and preferences.


Advantages and disadvantages of hiring a private car service

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Private Car Service in Tokyo?

  • Convenience, you don’t have to walk around so much or having to figure out how to get from one place to another.
  • You won’t get lost. As much as the transportation system is efficient, it can also be confusing. There’s always a possibility of taking the wrong train or getting off at the wrong station and you can get lost.
  • Save time. You don’t need to take the time to ask around or search for which train to take, wait for trains or buses to come, or walk from the station to the destination.
  • Freedom of movement. Compared to taking bus tours or group tours, you can choose where to go and when to go.
  • Comfort. You don’t need to queue to get on the train or jostle on the train. You can just sit in the car comfortably.
  • Fixed price. You know how much you are paying for. Compared to taxis, you don’t know how much it would cost to get from one point to another. 
  • You can’t really experience the transport culture in Tokyo. 
  • Compared to taking public transport, it costs more expensive.
  • You can’t predict if there is traffic or not, and it can a waste of your traveling time waiting in traffic.


Recommended private car services

One of my recommendation if you have a big group is Tokyo city sightseeing with private chartered van and free wifi (1-18pax) where you tour around Tokyo with a private van that fits up to 18 people and a free wifi. You can even ask for an English-speaking assistant to help you with additional fee.


Another recommendation of mine for a smaller group is the 6 Hour Private 4 Person Car in Tokyo with Non-English Speaking Driver, where you can freely tour around Tokyo for 6 hours with a car that fits up to 4 people. 


There are still many other options you can choose from. Here is a list of recommended private car service in Tokyo, which you can check out by clicking.  

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Private Car Service in Tokyo? 

Rent a Car in Tokyo - how to, cost, and where to rent one

Other than hiring a private car service in Tokyo, you can also rent a car and drive on your own. Which of course, you need to fulfill the requirements to hire one, which you can read how to by reading the linked article, What do I need to drive a car in Japan?.


The average rental fee for a subcompact car is around US$50 or around ¥5000 for 24 hours. For a compact car, the average cost would be ¥7500 yen or around US$70. Around ¥10,000 (US$ 100) for mid-sized cars, around ¥15,000 (US$ 140) for full-sized cars and about ¥20,000 (US $190) for vans. Keep in mind that price ranges, and will increase during peak seasons.


There are many places you can rent cars, the easiest ones to find are car rentals in the airport, or you can book online.



I hope this article helps provide useful information for you about car services in Tokyo, including how much does it cost, where to get them, the advantages and disadvantages, and also cost of renting a car in Tokyo. Hope you have a great time in Tokyo!

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02 Mar 2018

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