Hinadolls! What wonderful dolls they are !

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Hinadolls! What  wonderful dolls they are !
At a hotel lobby
Hinadolls! What  wonderful dolls they are !
A empress doll made by my mother
Hinadolls! What  wonderful dolls they are !
A empress doll made by my mother

Have you ever heard of "Hina-Matsuri" (Doll's Festival / Girl's Festival) ?

Families with girls celebrate March 3rd to wish thier health, growth, and happiness.

They display "hinadolls" which wear Heian Period (8c-12c) clothing,

representing the emperor, empress, their servants, miniature furniture and so on.

When I was born, my parents bought me a set of hinadolls and still I have kept them at home with me !

On that day they enjoy special food - "shirozake"(sweet white sake), "hina-arare"(rice crackers) and "hishimochi"(rice cake).

 - see my blog in "Food"category ! (^_-)

In this season you can get hina-arare at covenience stores or supermarkets easily.

But hishimochi and shirozake are not as popular as hima-arare.

I sometimes go to a few supermarkets looking for shirozake.

Or I make "amazake"(sweet sake) by myself instead of shirozake.

Amazake is quite popular.

Even vending machines sell this !

Try some !  Usually they are non alcohol.

If you are interested in hinadolls, please see my tour "Megrogajoen".  I'm waiting for you !  (^o^)

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14 Jan 2017


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