Himiko, The Queen Of Yamataikoku, 卑弥呼、邪馬台国

by Masaki

 Himiko, The Queen Of  Yamataikoku, 卑弥呼、邪馬台国


Himiko was the Queen of Yamataikoku(one of the provinces in ancient Japan) in the 3rd century.


Himiko, The Queen Of  Yamataikoku, 卑弥呼、邪馬台国

Chinese history books wrote about her country in detail.


2nd-century Japan was in the state of war.  It was in the reign of Himiko when the war came to an end.


She is said to have been a female prophet to communicate with God.


According to an ancient Chinese history book, she was the political religious authority of Yamataikoku. However, his brother administrated the country on behalf of her.


 Himiko, The Queen Of  Yamataikoku, 卑弥呼、邪馬台国

There have been controversies about the location of Yamataikoku.


There are two theories about it. One is the north-Kyushu region theory and the other is the Kinki region theory. 


Today the latter is supported by many scholars. This is because Makimuku relics on the base of Mt. MIwa has been excavated.


Himiko, The Queen Of  Yamataikoku, 卑弥呼、邪馬台国

Many earth ware have been excuvated in the ruins. The archeological studies have shown that there were large wooden structures. In addition, the location is surrounded by many burial mounds.


The Kinki region theory seems more convincing enough to prove the establishment of the Yamato regime after that.


09 Jul 2017

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