"HIMEJI castle and Last Samurai temple" day trip from Osaka or Kyoto

by Kay - Japan Licensed Guide
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I can make up a day tour itinerary for HIMEJI castle from Osaka or Kyoto.   

And show you Himeji unique food culture different than Osaka or Kyoto.  I recommend visiting Himeji castle and Last samurai temple.

Caution: Tom Cruise is not in the temple !

    Himeji castle                                                                                                                                              "HIMEJI castle and Last Samurai temple"  day trip from Osaka or Kyoto

   Last Samurai temple ( Mt.shosha)       Location point for Tom Cruise movie, Last Samurai"HIMEJI castle and Last Samurai temple"  day trip from Osaka or Kyoto


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Licensed Guide
(2) Reviews

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