High level practice !!

by Mayumi

First, we were learning the etiquette of kendo and its spirit.High level practice !!


After a bit study, let's practice some kendo techniques 'men' 'kote' 'dou' by using a bamboo sword, shinai.High level practice !!

High level practice !!


Both of you looked like real samurai . So cool !!

High level practice !!

We really enjoyed them but performing kendo seemed to be much harder than you expected.

You had a match with high level.

Tired but fun !!

High level practice !!




09 Apr 2016

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Hello! My name is Mayumi.
I'm a licensed English tour guide and also a Kendo instructor certified by the Japan Kendo Federation.
I used to work for a travel agency for four years and took people from Japan and abroad to a lot of nice Japanese tourist attractions.
As for Kendo, one of traditional martial arts, I am at the 5th grade level called " go-dan" in Japanese. In the world of Kendo, more than a 4th grade level is considered to be the master level. I've been doing Kendo for over 20years .Historically, Kendo is closely related to samurai, so I usually perform just like the real samurai during the practice.
I 'm looking forward to having a good time with you!
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