02 Jun 2014

Japanese people are famous for eating raw fish like sushi, but there is another ingredient Japanese people like to eat raw; an egg.


Many Japanese people like to eat an egg raw by beating it with a few drops of soysauce and mixing it with boiled rice. The dish is called Tamagokake-gohan. It might look disgusting, but the taste is nice and it's easy to make it.


However, I don't recommend to try to make and eat it in countries where there are not the custom of eating an egg raw, because there is a risk of salmonella infection.

In Japan many people like to eat raw egg, so the safety of raw egg is strictly kept under food hygienic condition. The risk of food poisoning of eating raw egg is extremely low. 


If you have an opportunity to come to Japan and want to have an experience really unique to Japan, you can't afford not to try Tamagokake-gohan.

You can try it only during your stay in Japan.

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