23 Nov 2014

Have you ever eaten “Tama-sen”?

Tama-sen is popular food especially in Chukyo (middle area of Japan), which is sold at a food stall held during a festival. The main ingredients are egg and rice cracker containing dried shrimp.

Today I enjoyed Tama-sen at a food stall located just in front of Shobo-ji temple, and found that is so yummy!  This Tama-sen is cooked by local residents, using fresh eggs and vegetables produced in their town.

Now at this temple, Autumn Festival is being held, and we can enjoy special Buddhist rituals, entertainment performances, and stall food. Shobo-ji temple is just a small temple, but boasts its long history for over than 1400 years! And yet, it has been loved by local residents and faithful supporters. Whenever visiting this Autumn Festival, I am impressed by a great hospitality and cooperation of the priest, the local residents and supportive followers. They are so friendly and kind, just like Bodhisattva which is the main statue of this temple. This temple provides special experiences to foreign visitors such as zazen-practice, staying in Kuri (monk residential house), Soba noodle making, Mochi (rice cake) making etc.  

Have you ever eaten “Tama-sen”?

Tama-sen cooked at Shobo-ji temple is yummy, because it is seasoned with a special flavor ― Mind of Mercy and Collaboration.

Have you ever eaten “Tama-sen”?


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