28 Nov 2016

I had 2 guests from England. I heard from a husband he would like to give this session to his wife as a birthday present! What a nice idea !!

Happy birthday to you !!

Both of them were so earnest, showing a polite attitude l just lectured to them, performing like real samurai and hitting the targets of the opponents with exact precision. That's great !!

Happy birthday to you !!Happy birthday to you !!Happy birthday to you !!

Happy birthday to you !!

Happy birthday to you !!

Finally, the most exciting moment, match!!

They had a couple of matches, fighting each other and using several techniques they learned.

A lot of fun !! 

They caught a very nice timing to get a point.

Happy birthday to you !!

Happy birthday to you !!

I'm happy to share a wonderful time with you together!! Thank you.

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