12 Apr 2015

Yesterday, I guided my guests from Philipine to Hamarikyu. We took Sumida river cruise from Asakusa to visit the Japanese garden from the river side.Since it rained in the morning, there were not so many visters.The garden was made by Tokugawa Shogun in Edo period as a summer house to enjoy a duck hunting by eagles.There are many trees including a 300 years old pine tree.It is a really different world in Tokyo.

Its worth visiting if you want to visit a typical Japanese garden.

It is nice place to visit when you go to Asakusa in the mornimg and have some time in the afernoon. The fee is 980 yen for the cruise and the garden. If you are interested but need some help, why not take my tour.My tour to Hamarikyu, a Japanese garden

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