Hamarikyu Garden

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Hamarikyu garden was first built in 17th century as the villa of Tokugawa shogunate.

In the first period, it also played the role of a fort from the sea.

During the Edo period, it is said there were a lot of solmn and beautiful villas  in the site, 

but repeated big fires and wars burned down them. (Japanese buildings at that time were made from wood, paper and straw.)

Some tea houses  were reconstracted and the garden was taken care of , so the place becomes very beautiful place again.

Even though it is in the middle of Tokyo, its calmness and nature's beauty are handed down form the Edo period.

The spot is one of my favorite places .

Hamarikyu  GardenInside of the garden, there are huge ponds.   And the water of the ponds is drawn from the sea.   So it is very clear , and

somtimes sea fish jumps! Hamarikyu  Garden

Now, late-blooming cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

Soon,  azalea and wisteria will be in full bloom  eventhough we must say good-bye to cherry blossoms.

Hamarikyu  Garden

Hydrandgea and iris will be coming soon in June.  

I really want to hand down this peacefulness from generation to generation.    Free, Love and Peace shall be given to the world!


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Hamarikyu  Garden

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Licensed Guide
(46) Reviews

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