Halal food in Japan, part 3

by Mouloud - Japan Local Guide

I already told you about halal food in Japan on these two previous blog posts. Now, we can say we are familiar with the case. As I previously said, this concept is only developing from five to nearly ten years ago, as tourists and visitors from South-East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia) increased. We have nowadays halal sukiyaki, yakiniku, ramen and so on. Here, I would like to introduce you with two cases. What if you only transit through a Japanese airport or if on the contrary, you start to live here?

Transiting through Japan


As the rest of the country, airports also have their muslim friendly restaurants. If you stop in Kansai International Airport, you will have some place to eat meat on the restaurant floors. But hey, you will be in Japan anyway. You can also taste sushi, raw fish on rice ball, without meat, so halal. Hehe! You have many choices in Kansai Airport, and I suppose, in all international airports in Japan.

  • Halal food in Japan, part 3
  • Halal food in Japan, part 3
  • Halal food in Japan, part 3
  • Halal food in Japan, part 3

Living in Japan

If you are here for a long time, you will surely want to prepare your meal yourself and not going outside every evening you want to eat meat. Kobe Halal Food is for you. They are open from… feeeew, a long time ago, near the Kobe Mosque, with other food import shops and other halal restaurants. You can stop here when you visit Kobe or even order online. They deliver to all Japan. You also have a lot of other halal shops in Kansai and in Japan after a quick search on Google Maps, for example in Namba and other places.

  • Halal food in Japan, part 3
  • Halal food in Japan, part 3
  • Halal food in Japan, part 3

As you see, there are so many ways to have halal food in Japan. I hope these three blog posts were useful to you. Anyway, do not hesitate to contact me by the comments if you have any inquiries.

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