31 Dec 2014

The most tranquil and solemn day at a shinto shrine.....

Great Purification Ceremony at a Shinto Shrine

On a New Year Day in Japan many people visit a Shinto shrine. Famous shinto shrines are crowded with visitors!  However the eve (December 31st), shrine precinct has been cleaned up, and extremely purified. We can feel a tranquil and solemn atomosphere there.

The most important purification ceremony, called "O-harai" is conducted on that day, and some devote people attend this ceremoy.
Tsubaki Grand Shrine, located in Suzuka-city, Mie accepts any people to join this purification ceremony. This shrine welcome foreign people and provide an English version of prayers.

Great Purification Ceremony at a Shinto Shrine

On New Year Days, the approach to the shrine is lined with many food stalls, and we can enjoy yammy and inexpensive foods there.



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