30 Jul 2014

Gogo no Koucha Milk Tea by Kirin


Kirin is an integrated beverages company focused on the Japanese domestic market and is one of the major beer producers in Japan. But being a major Japanese beer brewery does not stop the company to make refreshing milk tea products.

The "Gogo no Koucha (午後の紅茶) Kirin Milk Tea is simply a strong black tea partnered with milk and sugar. When enjoyed cold, it is a lively and sweet treat, smooth and milky. Like the other drinks in this list, Kirin Milk Tea also has a variety. There is the regular milk tea, reduced sugar milk tea, healthy milk tea, and royal milk tea (stronger black tea). It smells great. It’s a full-bodied tea, really rich and tasty and really deeply and richly of tea, with a great many notes of sweetness.

The normal Kirin Milk Tea is the one with the fewer calorie and roughly the same flavor as the other Kirin milk teas. And as a bonus, it is the easiest to find in a vending machine in Japan.


Johnny's Entertainment Fans also love the drink because of the Gogo no Koucha CMs featuring the famous Japanese boy band KAT-TUN.





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