Gion Festival, 祇園祭り

by Masaki


Gion Festival, 祇園祭りGion Festival is one of the three biggest festivals in Japan, along with the Kanda Festival in Tokyo and the Tenjin Festival in Osaka.


The festival is held in honor of the kami (Japanese God) of Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto.


It is a one-month festival, and its highlight comes on July 17, when many floats are carried by a large number of young men, paraded through the main streets of Kyoto.


Kyoto has attracted many visitors throughout the year, but the number of visitors around this time of year is in particular large. 


Rows of street stalls and pedestrian's paradise are spectacular scenes of the year.


Gion Festival, 祇園祭り

July 17 is around the end of the Tsuyu rainy season in Kyoto, so the Gion Festival tells the arrival of real summer.


Its origin went back to the 9th century, when a plague prevailed throughout Japan and lots of lives were lost. 

Gion Festival, 祇園祭り


The tenno (Japanese emperor) prayed to the kami of  Yasaka  shrine to control the plague.


24 Jun 2017

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