Gingko Avenue

by Hiroyuki

Row of gingko trees since 1923

Gingko Avenue

If I am asked which place in autumn in Tokyo is the best one, I will answer this avenue lined with gingko trees is best. In autumn from the late November to the early December, these gingko trees change into yellow colored leaves. In my tour, A colorful walking tour in Tokyo, this avenue is on the route. The building in the distance was completed in 1925. In my tour, Shinjuku Gyoen is also a wonderful place for viewing colored antumn leaves. I would like you to feel transition of the four seasons in Tokyo. Why don't you join me? 

11 Jun 2017

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As I am a 60 year old man, born in Tokyo, graduated from a university in Tokyo and worked for a leading paper wholesale company at its headquarters for 35 years, I am an Edokko or a native Tokyoite. I am familiar with various interesting places in Tokyo and the Kanto area such as historic spots, scenic beauty, entertainment, restaurants and so on. Although I basically provide several regular walking tours for visitors from abroad, I am willing to arrange your tour plan in a customized way according to your interest. If I receive your inquiry, I am ready to hear your interest and what you want to experience, and discuss your plan with you in advance.
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