Ginbura (Ginza walking around) tips - Nissan Crossing

by Mack

Ginbura (Ginza walking around) tips

At Nissan Crossing you can see dream cars and more...

Ginza is one of the most popular places for shopping, dining and just for walking around. About 100 years ago, the students of Keio University started using the word "Ginbura" meaning walking around Ginza. Gin stands for Ginza obviously; Bura came from Japanese word burabura which is used originally to describe the motion of hanging and swinging but in this case to mean walking around from one place to another without any particular purpose. The students at that time walked around Ginza from shop to shop without buying or dining particular thing. Then this Ginbura became very popular pastime on weekends for ordinary people.

In Ginza most shops are gorgeous and expensive, therefore, it used to be hard for ordinary people like us to buy or dine. However by doing Gibura we can feel uplifted.

For example, how about visiting Nissan Crossing, which originally started as Nissan Ginza Gallery but restarted with the new name after renovation since last September? In this world's famous automobile company's showroom they don't display ordinary cars for sale but cars for dream like these. 

Gorgeous looking high power sports car. Ginbura (Ginza walking around) tips - Nissan Crossing
Fully electric-powered racing car. Ginbura (Ginza walking around) tips - Nissan Crossing

They say they will be on the market in near future but I am afraid they will not be  for me. "Sorry. Just looking."

However, there is one thing we can afford in this showroom. Cafe Latte with your face printed.

 Ginbura (Ginza walking around) tips - Nissan Crossing

The price is only 400 yen but it gives us uplifting feeling, doesn’t it?

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16 Apr 2017

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