Fun of eating on the street - Kamakura

by Chiaki

When I went to Kamakura a couple of days ago, I found a lot of shops on the way from Kamakura Station to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine and they were offering small sweets and snacks.  I wasn't so hungry then, but the smell of baking 'taiyaki', fish-shaped pancake with sweet red bean paste inside, changed my mind.  I was invited to the shop by the smell and bought one to eat it walking to Hachimangu.

Fun of eating on the street - Kamakura

Fun of eating on the street - Kamakura

I talked with the shop master, and he said that the shop is a 'noren wake' of Naniwaya, a popular taiyaki shop in Azabu, Tokyo.  You might have heard of it, but 'noren wake' is a sort of system, where a master of a shop with a big brand name allows his qualified student to open a shop with the original brand name.  As I expected from the smell, the taste was soooo good!  If you find it in Kamakura, just try them!  Not only taiyaki, but you can also find a lot more.


27 Sep 2017


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