08 Oct 2014

Visit Shibuya Fashion Festival
From Girly to Gaudy: Shibuya has it all! Visit Shibuya Fashion Festival vol. 6
not even Hachi escapes the fashion frenzy!
all photos courtesy of shibuyafashionfestival.com


Shibuya Fashion Festival vol. 6

For those who are not editors of fashion magazines or important buyers within the fashion industry, but do aspire to become one (or are just interested in fashion in the general sense), Shibuya Fashion Festival offers you just what you need. The festival celebrates Shibuya's street styles and up-and-coming designers just after the official Tokyo Fashion Week. The festival is centered around Miyashita Park, which is located right between the two trendy hubs of Shibuya and Harajuku.

Etw.Vonneguet, the Japanese designer known for her mathematics-inspired designs and experiments using computer graphics, leads the event. After Vonneguet come shows by Discovered, who presented a British chav-themed collection last season; The Dress & Co. by Hideaki Sakaguchi and more. Sakaguchi's show is particularly notable since it will be the first show by the brand to be open to the public. This might indicate a tendency towards a more open and inclusive fashion world in Japan (or hopefully, in general).

From Girly to Gaudy: Shibuya has it all! Visit Shibuya Fashion Festival vol. 6


Besides fashion shows, you can enjoy live music, DJ sets, urban-art exhibitions, markets and eateries throughout the neighbourhood. Most of Shibuya's fashion shops participate in the festival, offering prize rallies, discounts, limited edition items and freebies. Prepare yourself for lots of lining up if you want to get that specially designed cap by one of the street brands!


When? 18Th October, 2014

Where? Throughout Shibuya, centering around Miyashita Park

Websitehttp://www.shibuyafashionfestival.com/ (in Japanese)

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