03 Jul 2016

Are they a family?   How many are they?

Frogs bring in good luck in Shukunegi, Sado??

In Japan, we are in the midst of so called "rainy season" or "梅雨".

And what creature we see often is frogs or snails when it rains.

On these frames of a vending machine shed, there were about 15 frogs at leisure in the rain.

Tourists from Tokyo and its vicinities were delighted by this encounter.

Frogs bring in good luck in Shukunegi, Sado??

In Japan, frogs are considered to bring in good luck.  why?

Because frog is "かえる"  in Japanese and it also has several meanings including "return or come back".

So, we believe that if you have frog-shaped amulet in your purse or wallet, your spent money be returned!

Or, if you lose something important or precious, it may return to you.

That's why you see many frog-shaped souvenirs at shops or shrines as good luck charms.

Shukunegi has been attracting many tourists in and outside of Japan and I believe these cute frogs will definitely

usher many more tourists in Shukunegi!

 P.S.  in the photo above, there are 11 frogs.  Can you spot them?



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