19 Jun 2015

Do you know a fish market that is also located in Saitama near Tokyo?

Fish Market! Other than Tsukiji.

The market is called Omiya wholesale market, it's open to the public on Saturdays from 8:30am – (closing time depends on shops).

They deal in fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, dried foods, kitchen wares and so on.

 It's not crowded with tourists like Tsukiji fish market and you can encounter ordinary Japanese people out there.

The market is clean and moreover workers are kind and polite.

 After strolling the market you can enjoy yummy foods at some restaurants.

 On your way back , you can visit many places.

E.g. famous Shinto Shrine (Hikawa Jinja), Bonsai village and Bonsai museum, Railway museum, "Town of Dolls” Iwatsuki and “Little Edo” Kawagoe - you name it. 

  Access: You can go there from Tokyo by train and bus, in total it takes around one hour.

The bus schedule is limited, so don’t miss it. 

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