19 Aug 2014

Cycling through the City   

Renting a bike can be a very smart way to move around in Tokyo. The city is relatively safe to cycle in, since you will mostly use pavements instead of the road for cars. Be sure to bring a good (electronic) map (tip: try mapswithme) since Tokyo is easy to get lost in. Also, parking your bike is difficult now and then, especially when you are in the middle of the centre or when your party is large. But apart from that, it’s a very comfortable, fast and fun way to travel, and cheap too! Don’t forget to bring your passport when renting a bike.  

1. rentabike.jp

  • Website in English
  • Shops all over Tokyo
  • Prices vary per shop (some are even free of charge)  

2. hinomaru.co.jp

  • Open 24 hours
  • Located at the Westin Hotel Tokyo (Tokyo, Meguro ku, Mita 1-4-1 TEL: +81 (0)3-5423-7620)
    and the Sheraton Grand Tokyo Bay Hotel (Chiba ken, Urayasu shi, Maihama 1-9 1 TEL: +81 (0)47-355-5555)
  • Renting top line race- and mountainbikes  

3. bike rental Nerima

  • Equipped with a super-hip bicycle storage lift-system
  • Quieter neighbourhood of Tokyo (Nerima); easy to cycle for those not used to cycling
  • Exceedingly cheap: 100 yen per half a day, 200 yen per day

Find Your City Bike at one of These Bike Rentals in Tokyophoto courtesy of tokyobybike.com

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