Fantastic Kyoto with local food and people.

by Masato - Japan Licensed Guide
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   Fantastic Kyoto with local food and people.  In early July 2017,  We, I and a couple of American, middle age generation, explored around in Kyoto.

I, Masato, a National Tour Guide, hope the report will be helpful for your planning of Kyoto tour.

They enjoyed so much Japanese culture, foods in a casual restaurant, Izakaya, and outdoor hot spring in a mountain area.


- Day first; Bamboo Grove in Arashiyama, Tenryuji temple with a beautiful Japanese garden next to the Bamboo Grove, Ryoanji rock garden temple, Kinkakuji temple of golden pavilion, Nijoujo castle and Nishiki food market street of 400 meters long.

- Day second; Fushimi Inari with one thousand red gates (Kyoto), Todaiji temple(Nara) in which the great Buddha is, Kasuga Taisha shrine of the very mysterious atmosphere(Nara), and Kofukuji temple (Nara)with a big pagoda. Kurama outdoor hot spring.

- Day third; Osakajo castle, Watching performances of the Kabuki, Taking a stroll around Dotonbori night street, and night view watching from sky tower in Umeda, the northern part of Osaka.

- Day forth;  Shipping in the downtown of Kyoto, Teramachi street and Kyogoku street and Wagashi tea room.


- Wagashi tea room;  

     We visited a small tea room of Japanese construction style which was located in the main store of a famous Japanese confectionery running many branches throughout Japan. Wagashi is a Japanese sweet. A Japanese confectioner makes Wagasi quickly in front of us with a very skilfull way like a sushi chef. Every tourist was moved by the performance so far.

- Outdoor hot spring in mountain area; 

     The tourists requested me to take them to a Japanese Onsen, hot spring. I carefully selected this time in order to let them satisfied. The Kurama outdoor onsen is located in a mountain area after getting on local train thirty minutes from north part of Kyoto city area. Every tourist may suppose that a real monkey comes out suddenly at the site where the hot spring is located. There is a big bath tab (5x7 meter) framed with wood in the forest. There were four Japanese and three foreign tourists at the time. Surely they were completed naked and enjoy calmly the wildness of nature.

- Izakaya, Japanese casual drinking, eating and chatting bar;

     What can you imagine when hearing Japanese food?  Sushi, Sashimi, Tempra, Sukiyaki, Ramen, Japanese sake, ......  If you eat this food at your hotel restaurant, you would be very surprised at the price. Actually, my tourists were surprised when they paid for the first time at Izakaya. It was almost half of the price on the previous night. On the previous night, they were two, on the next night we three including me. In addition, the foods were very delicious.

     The izakaya food menu has a wonderful variety from casual appetizers to sushi or stake. The menu contains very beautiful pictures for each food with the price and English explanations. The izakaya is casual, so you can talk and laugh in a loud voice. By case, you can talk to the persons next table. Please enjoy the Izakaya, when you come to Japan.



Please feel free to ask me anything regarding the article. 

Masato, a certificated National Tour Guide, TripleLights.

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Licensed Guide
(39) Reviews

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