Fancy Faces with Sticki Pici App

by Mieke

Sticki Pici, your own portable 'purikura' photo editing app. It lets you edit your pictures with old-skool layers or add flowers, frames and much more. Even though the Lite version is free, I advise the paid version.
It is more extensive and you are not bothered by ads slowing down the app’s speed.
In-app purchases provide you with more decorations and alterations to choose from.
Download for iPhone.

Fancy Faces with Sticki Pici App
Download here for iPhone.

* note: If you don’t want another app for this, you might also try the camera Line app which also provides some cool picture-editing tools. For instance, it features some tools to make noses smaller and lips bigger, but you can of course also use them to make noses bigger and lips smaller! Laughs guaranteed.
Line Camera is free and available for iPhone and Android.

21 Jul 2014

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