Experience a Shinto ritual “Oharae” at Hokumon Shrine

by Chie

On the 30th of June, as the first event of Wakkanai Omotenashi Kimono Team, we are going to invite the overseas students of Wakkanai Hokusei Gakuen University to  and join our Wakkanai Kimono Walking Tour.

Oharae, Great Purifications, are done twice a year at shrines (Jinjya) at the end of June and December. These annual ceremonies are held in order to remove all sins and stains that people might have committed or suffered for the sixth and twelfth month of the year.

The great purification which is held in June is called “Great purification of Summer (Nagoshi-no Oharae)”, and the other one which is held in December is called Annual Shinto ritual of purification (Toshikoshi-no harae). 
Nagoshi no Oharae, the Great Purification of Summer, is held on the 30th of June. People walk through Chinowa, a big ring made of reed, in the hope of preventing diseases and disasters.
Nagoshi no Oharae will also be held at Hokumon Shrine, the northernmost shine of Japan. During the Shinoto ritual, the overseas students will experience this Chinowa kuguri rite as well

After attending Oharae, we are going to Seto tei, Captain Seto’s former residence, enjoying our Kimono walking tour. 
A volunteer professional photographer will accompany us in the tour. so the pictures will be posted soon on the website.
We hope that the students will enjoy the tour and discover something special of Japanese culture and Wakkanai. At the same time, we are going to ask feedback to improve our tour.

Experience a Shinto ritual “Oharae” at Hokumon Shrine

29 Jun 2015

Welcome to Wakkani, Hokkaido! My name is Chie Moue. I am an English licensed Guide-Interpreter and also a forest instructor. If you love nature and would like to know more about the forests in Hokkaido, I am one of the most informative and experienced nature guide.
Now I live in Wakkanai, the northernmost place of Japan.The city is blessed with defined seasons, unique nature, fresh seafood, dairy products and Soya Black Angus. Since it is a border city to Sakhalin, Russia, it also has a nostalgic atmosphere and interesting history.
If you are planning to visit Rishiri or Rebun islands, it would be a chance to experience both interesting Japanese culture and nature at the same time! You can’t miss this opportunity!
I would love to help you discover something special in Wakkanai and Hokkaido and help you make unforgettable memories in Japan.
If you have any questions about Hokkaido, please feel free to ask me. I would be happy to help you create an interesting itinerary.

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