Enjoy your holiday at Chionin Temple

by Tatsuhiro

What is Chioin Temple ?

  Chionin Temple is the head temple of "Jodoshinsyu" sect of Buddhism in Japan. In addition to the magnificent buildings in the precincts, it is famous for the two main features: one is "uguisu-bari" flooring technique which helped thwart the attempts by robbers to steal by emitting a sound somewhat resembling the note of "uguisu" bush warbler as they walked. The marvelous technique is said to be the work of a noted sculpter of the late 16th century, Hidali (left-handed) Jingoro.The other is the largest temple bell in Japan measuring 2.4 meters in diameter, 5.1 meters in height, 23.8 centimeters in thickness and weighing 74 tons. The temple buildings stand in the midst of trees on the height that can overlook the cityscape of Kyoto. But before reaching the main hall, "Goeido" Hall, you have to go up the steep stone stairways which, in turn, enables you to take a good exercise.

How to enjoy

 Just walk in the temple precincts, get into the main building and listen to the priests preach. See the marvelous technique utilized in the construction of all the structures. Walk on the corridors of the main hall and see for yourself if the planking really emits a sound resembling that of a bush walbler as you walk. Just have a look at the huge temple bell and imagine how it sounds. Last but not least, the approach to the main gate offers you a time of a pleasant stroll.


 The bus fare is 230 yen and the entrance fee is 800 yen. However, the main hall, "Goeido", is now under the extensive repair work which is estimated to take some four years.


   Tour of Chionin Temple is here.

29 Jun 2015

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