30 Jul 2014

The first canned green tea in Japan was released in 1985. Now bottled teas have become widely accepted in contemporary life style. Some young households do not even have a teapot. They don’t prepare tea at home. They just buy brewed ones from supermarkets or at convenience stores. Bottled tea is also considered as a real tea because they are made of extracted essence of tea leaves.

Ito En Ooi Ocha bottled green tea is from the largest green tea distributor in Japan, Ito En. The Ito En Group is a Japanese multinational beverage company specializing in tea production, distribution, and sales. Ito En brought its Oi Ocha brand, packaged in 500-mililiter bottles, to market in 1996. Coupled with heightened awareness of green tea's potential health benefits, sales grew in leaps and bounds and the product continues to be a top-seller to this day, though rivals are in hot pursuit.

Whether they choose green or oolong, black or blended, most Japanese at least occasionally pick up a plastic bottle of ready-to-drink tea. Bottled green teas, like Ito En Oi Ocha, can be found in every single vending machine in Japan and is often cheaper to buy than bottled water.


One of the prominent endorsers of Ooi Ocha is the famous Japanese actor Haruma Miura, who is now starring in the anticipated Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) live action movie.


Enjoy Your Favorite Green Tea in Handy Bottles

Photo from negimahaw.blogspot.com



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