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How large is Lake Biwa ?

 Lake Biwa is the largest lake in Japan, whose area is 670 square kilometers and circumference, 241 kilometers, which is slightly more than the distance between Tokyo and Hamamatsu. It is said to be four million years old, the third oldest lake in the world. You can see only a fraction of the lake from its southern end, though.

Pleasures of the cruise

 You can enjoy cruising on board the colorful sightseeing ship, "Michigan". It can accommodate some 600 passengers and commands a splendid view of the shore of the lake. There is a live performance of a band and you can go up to the top floor to feel the cool wind in hot seasons.


 Fares depend on when you start cruising and how long you are on board the ship. There are four different types of cruisings you can choose from and the fare is set for each of them. In the case of one-hour-and-20-minutes cruise departing from Otsu port at 10 in the morning, you (supposing you are an adult person) have to pay 2,780 yen. The fares for other cruises are roughly the same as this one, not exceeding 3,000 yen per person. 

 Other pleasures

 (1) In addition to enjoying cruising on the ship, you can spend time just marveling at and getting in touch with the greatness of the nature. You can see migratory birds floating on the lake water in winter and anglers leisurely hurling and towing their fishing rods and lines over the embankment guard rails.  You can spend leisurely time looking at the blue water of the magnificent lake or take a walk along  the lake side road.
(2) You can visit the nearby shrine, "Ohmi-Jngu", which is some 30 minute`s walk from the shore and is well-known for its bell emitting a melodious sound.


(1) You can taste one particular kind of food that can be found only in Shiga prefecture: "Funazushi", a sort of sushi made of fermented freshwater fish "funa" and boiled rice squeezed under a weight in a keg for a some half a year. This sort of sushi was devised a long time ago by local fisherman and farmers as a way of preserving fish throughout the year. It smells a bit strange, but you will find the product taste good.
(2) You can taste "Ohmigyu" beef, which is sperior in quality an rich in nutrients and is ranked among the top in the nation`s beef brand list.

Now, lets` enjoy cruising on Lake Biwa.


Tour of Lake Biwa is here. 



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(22) Reviews

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