30 Jul 2014

Dr. Pepper: The Anime Characters' Drink


Dr Pepper (commonly abbreviated as "dokupe" in Japan) was introduced in Japan in 1973, making it just in time for the country’s fast food boom, but late to the soft drink party as Japan had already produced its own carbonated soft drinks for nearly a hundred years. Coke or maybe even a Pepsi would be the main choice if Japanese people wanted to drink cola as to why for years, Dr. Pepper was never popular in Japan. Back in 2009, Steins; Gate, a sci-fi visual novel with a psychological spin, debuted on the Xbox 360 making the beverage popular in Japan and its sales started to change. An Anime adaptation of the game debuted on spring that features Dr. Pepper as an "Intellectual drink". Anime fans are saying that its pretty good once you get used to the flavor. (Photo from myfigurecollection.net)

Dr. Pepper, with its varieties of flavours, is a peculiar, unique tasting drink that is hard to explain and like many sodas, it started in a (Texas) Pharmacy.

Dr. Pepper: The Anime Characters' Drink

Dr. Pepper: The Anime Characters' Drink

Photos from blogs.c.yimg.jp


For anime lovers, the brand Dr. Pepper might ring a bell. Yes, it’s that drink from STEINS; GATE, Kami-sama no Memo-chou, and a couple more anime titles. Dr. Pepper is famous for having a unique indescribable taste which is not cola, not cherry, not strawberry, nor any other fruit. 



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