25 Aug 2014

Don Quijote, or commonly called Donki by the locals, is one of those Japanese favorite discount stores (and probably the most popular). You can literally find random items from food, snacks, toys, electrical appliances, home decors, beauty and cosmetic products, fashion accessories, shoes, backpacks, stationery, souvenirs, and more. Don Qujiote stacks their items from the very bottom of the shelves, all the way to the top of the ceilings. This is one of Donki's marketing strategies where they want the whole building to look like a labyrinth of miscellaneous items, and a hunt for treasure (good deals). 


Don Quijote: Your One-Stop Shop

Photo from blog.japantwo.com


Both locals and tourists are fascinated by Don Quijote, generally because of their inexpensive items. You also get to discover some off the shelf that are very good deals if you look good enough. 


It is hard to miss the Don Quijote building because it stands out with its black and yellow motif. The store is open for almost 24 hours, catering to late night and early morning shoppers. A distinct theme song is also played inside the building premises. 


Don Quijote: Your One-Stop Shop

Photo from trendyintokyo.tumblr.com


Don Quijote: Your One-Stop Shop

Photo from lovearakawa.blog.so-net.ne.jp


The Akihabara branch is also famous for selling animal costumes, as well as maid outfits, anime costumes, wigs, glasses, and accessories. A special floor dedicated to AKB48 can also be found in Don Quijote Akihabara branch.


Don Quijote: Your One-Stop Shop

Photo from japanlover.me

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