Do you know "Yokai watch" ? the most popular anime in Japan today?


"Yokai watch" is one of the most popular anime and TV games among Japanese children today. Have you heard that? 

Maybe your child knows. "Yokai" means specter, and the story is about to solve people's worries or concerns as a team with these specters and boys and girls.

Do you know "Yokai watch" ? the most popular anime in Japan today?


Relate to this, I found colored snowmen in Aizu area in Fukushima prefecture.

The red one is modeled after the most popular anime character called "Jiba-nyan" in "Yokai watch". 

Do you know "Yokai watch" ? the most popular anime in Japan today?

Isn't he cute!?

I'm sure you will have many chances to see this "Jiba-nyan" anywhere in Japan such as on TV, books, candy packages...if you visit Japan.

Do you know "Yokai watch" ? the most popular anime in Japan today?

The blue one? I think its "Yokai watch" 's character, too. His face is funny.

These pictures were taken in Aizu area in Fukushima prefecture. It is located in southern part of Fukushima which is well known for heavy snow in winter. 

There are so many attractive places to visit in Aizu area include beautiful ski resorts. One of them is called "Takatsue ski resort."  I remember a gentleman I met in the ski resort said "I don't want this ski resort to be very very famous because I love this secluded atmosphere."  He told me that he visits the ski resort several times a year from Tokyo to just enjoy the mountain view.

If you are interested in, you are welcome to ask me how to go to there. Surprisingly it is accessible from Tokyo by trains for 3 hours! Actually I made the tour to guide you to this ski resort, but it's just because I wanted to let you know there is a wonderful ski resort in Fukushima. (please don't worry I'm not going to charge you to tell the way to the ski resort, please just contact to me.)

Of course, Takatsue ski resort is well known for its powder snow!!

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My tour to Takatsue ski resort

10 Feb 2015

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