27 Jul 2014

I, Tomoko, started the tour with two families after picking them up at the hotel in Osaka.

As they arrives at their hotel late in the morning, we decided to start our tour from 12:00.

They requested Nara tour based on their request including the highlights. 

After picking them up, we headed for Nara by way of Tenno-ji station. When we got out of Tenno-ji subway station, I showed them the highest building ( 400 m high ) called Abeno Harcus. But actually we just glimpse the building and hurried to Nara as we don't have much time and wanted to spend more time in Nara.

We dropped in at a convenience store in fornt of JR  Nara station, we headed for Todaiji temple. 

Deer !!!

Most of the visitors start being excited on finding deer in Deer park from the bus.  They were not an exception.

So just after getting off the bus, they straight went to the park next to the path to the Gate of Toadiji.

Feeding deer

Yes. Feeding deer is fun. Though some of them are a little aggressive, they totally enjoyed feeding deer 


Based on their interests, I made a tour plan. I added Isuien garden to the tour plan because they wanted to see.

Isui-en garden is not so historic place, but the most attractive thing is the borrowed-scenery garden. It consists of two gardens,  When we advanced to the second garden, suddenly the beautiful scenary with Wakakusa yama mountain, and the roof of Nandaimon gate.


Custom-made Nara tour with two families from USA

I asked them which would be better for them to visit , Kasuga shrine or Koshi-no- ie. They said they had seen a shirne in Tokyo, and were more interested in the local house. 

Koshino ie

is opened to the public to let us see an old-style local house. The staff showed us how to close the windows we can't touch because of its height, and how to close the wooden door fastened up to the ceiling during the daytime.

I showed them the old style bath tub and explained the structure of the traditonal house. We could see a big torch ( of course without fire) used in the big event of Nigatsu -do hall.


Nara highlights https://triplelights.com/ja/japan/nara/tour/46/nara-high-lights-no1

If you like to make your own tour plan, please drop me a line to talk about a tour plan for Nara, Kyoto, and Osaka I am ready to discuss a tour plan and sugget it to you.



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