24 Oct 2014

Fushimi Inari Grand shrine
Now so many foreign tourists are attracted this shrine. That's because of the path covered with red torii gates.

This is a shinto- shrine. In old time, people believed the mountain was./is a sacred mountain which contains special power.

Most of the tourists go up to Okuno-in and give up walking further.

I walked the path up to the top of the mountain. What did I find there? 

Start walking

Climbing Inari Mountain.

This is just beginning!!

Climbing Inari Mountain.

This tunnel leads you to Okuno-in

Climbing Inari Mountain.

walking walking walking!!

Climbing Inari Mountain.

go on walking. 

Climbing Inari Mountain.

This is the top of Inari mountain. 

When you walk to so-called Yotsutsuji. You can enjoy the view of the city from thereClimbing Inari Mountain.

On the way back to the Main hall, there is a special shrine with special powered stone. It is said that thunder was confined in the stone. So it will be very good to make a wish touching the stone. And so did I, hoping to have something good in the future.

If you have two hours to enjoy the mountain, it may be worh trying

By the way, 

How many torii gates are there on the mountain?

The answer is........ I will tell you on the tour!

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