Clay-walled Houses in Kawagoe

by Noriko

Clay-walled houses are something typical of Kawagoe.  This is very fire-resistant house, full of wisdoms of Japanese people who lived more than 100 years ago.  Fire had been a headache for Kawagoe people for a long time, because traditional Japanese houses are all made of wood.  Once fire starts, it easily spread and burned down all the houses in the neighborhood.  Kawagoe people started to build clay-walled houses after the big fire in 1893 in Kawagoe.  The rectangular bar just below the windows is the place where firefighters jump onto and quickly close the windows right after fire starts in the neighbor's house, so that the fire won't come into the house.

  Clay-walled Houses in Kawagoe

03 Feb 2016

National Certified Guide

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My name is Noriko Nagura. I am a government-certified tour guide. I now live in Saitama. What I especially like about Saitama is Kawagoe city. Kawagoe is full of history and culture -- traditional kura-zukuri houses, Kawagoe castle, gorgeous portable shrines used at Kawagoe festival, Kita-in temple that was loved and taken care of by Ieyasu Tokugawa and Iemitsu Tokugawa, famous shoguns in Edo period (from 1603 to 1867).

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