11 Mar 2015

Chuken Hachiko (Faithful Dog Hachiko) Statue: A Famous Meeting Place in Shibuya Tokyo

When people in Tokyo meet in a busiest district, Shibuya, they often meet near this statue. The story took place in 1925. An Akita-breed dog walked his master, a professor of Tokyo University to the Shibuya Station every morning and came back to the station every evening to greet him off the train. One day, the professor died of a stroke at the university. Not knowing of his master’s death, the dog came every evening to the station and waited for the professor until the last train. It had lasted seven years until the dog, Hachiko died, too. This story circulated nationwide in newspapers, and gifts and money flooded in, and the statue was erected. During the war, all metals were confiscated to make weapons, and this bronze statue was not an exception. The current one you see is a replica. Upon your request, I’d be happy to add this place and Shibuya Scramble Crossroads for your sightseeing destination.

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