Cherry blossoms, coming soon !

by Katie


Cherry blossoms, coming soon !

Cherry blossoms, coming soon !

Weeping cherry blossomes in Nakain-Temple in Kawagoe on March 25th in 2016

Soon we're going to see beautiful cherry blossomes throughout Japan !

Start in the southern Japan, Kyushu and go up toward the north.

We see them around Tokyo usually in the end of March to the beginning of April.

In Kawagoe we have gorgeous weeping cherry blossomes in Nakain Temple.

On the other hand in Kitain Temple located near Nakain we can see  Someiyoshino a little earlier than weeping cherry blossomes.

Someiyoshino is the most famous cherry blossomes in Japan - Ueno is one of the most popular places.

But there are so many people in Ueno in this season that you can't walk smoothly or see cherry blossomes well.

How about coming to see them in Kawagoe ? 

You can enjoy not only seeing cherry blossomes but also strolling the town which has Edo-Period atmosphere !  (^o^)

Please see my tour - "Kawagoe"



05 Feb 2017

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