27 Mar 2015

Much-awaited season has come!

Cherry blossoms in Kyoto finally started to bloom!!!!

As you know, Kyoto is the sightseeing city and there are a lot to see, of course!

But where shoud you come to see?

I will give you some suggestions!

Higashiyama area

 * Philosopher's path. ------ expected to be very crowded. but along the canal, walking under the cherry trees is so wonderful

 * Maruyama park ( you can witness happy local people enjoying night picnic !!

* Okazaki area ( along the canal, Incline, Heian jingu shrine )
  This area has a lot of large houses which used to be a villa. When you walk along nearby, you will come across beautiful cherry blossoms.

  * Gion ShirakawaCherry blossom spots in Kyoto


* Old Imperial palace park

North part

* Botanical garden

* Along the Kamo river ( especiall the north )

* kamigamo shrine

Central area

* Old Imeprial palace ( park )

* Nijo castle

 Cherry blossom spots in Kyoto

The west area 

* Hirano shrine

* Ryoanji temple

Cherry blossom spots in Kyoto

Ninnaji temple ( a little late )  If you come to Kyoto a little later than the hightime. Ninnaji temple is the right place. 
Cherry blossom spots in Kyoto

* Randen line ( the train goes under cherry trees )

* Taizo- an ( Myoshinji temple ) --- my recommendation 

Arashiyama area
 * Along the Hozu river

* Tenryuji temple 

 Cherry blossom spots in Kyoto


* *Tenjin gawa street 
* Daigoji temple

* Shojiji temple

* *Nakaraki no michi

* Yamashina canal

* *Sewari-tei

* *Uetoh gardener's garden

Please check the cherry blossom information!

** is my recommendation !


Please fully enjoy one-a-year scnery!


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