Cherry blossom spots in Kyoto

by Tomoko

Much-awaited season has come!

Cherry blossoms in Kyoto finally started to bloom!!!!

As you know, Kyoto is the sightseeing city and there are a lot to see, of course!

But where shoud you come to see?

I will give you some suggestions!

Higashiyama area

 * Philosopher's path. ------ expected to be very crowded. but along the canal, walking under the cherry trees is so wonderful

 * Maruyama park ( you can witness happy local people enjoying night picnic !!

* Okazaki area ( along the canal, Incline, Heian jingu shrine )
  This area has a lot of large houses which used to be a villa. When you walk along nearby, you will come across beautiful cherry blossoms.

  * Gion ShirakawaCherry blossom spots in Kyoto


* Old Imperial palace park

North part

* Botanical garden

* Along the Kamo river ( especiall the north )

* kamigamo shrine

Central area

* Old Imeprial palace ( park )

* Nijo castle

 Cherry blossom spots in Kyoto

The west area 

* Hirano shrine

* Ryoanji temple

Cherry blossom spots in Kyoto

Ninnaji temple ( a little late )  If you come to Kyoto a little later than the hightime. Ninnaji temple is the right place. 
Cherry blossom spots in Kyoto

* Randen line ( the train goes under cherry trees )

* Taizo- an ( Myoshinji temple ) --- my recommendation 

Arashiyama area
 * Along the Hozu river

* Tenryuji temple 

 Cherry blossom spots in Kyoto


* *Tenjin gawa street 
* Daigoji temple

* Shojiji temple

* *Nakaraki no michi

* Yamashina canal

* *Sewari-tei

* *Uetoh gardener's garden

Please check the cherry blossom information!

** is my recommendation !


Please fully enjoy one-a-year scnery!


Kyoto specially tailored for you ---------


27 Mar 2015

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I am a government licensed guide and have been working as a professional guide for over 90 groups after obtaining a license. in addition, I have 4 years of experience as a volunteer guide before obtaining a professional license, and guided over 100 groups. I am good at making tour plans based on your interests because I know my city ( I was born and brought up in Kyoto) in detail. If you are interested in historic places, I will offer a tour for historic places, If it's cultural experiences, then a tour with cultural classes such as a tea ceremony, wagashi ( Japanese confectionery) making, and so on. Why don't you ask me? I will make your time in Kyoto more enjoyable. Kyoto has a lot of sites to offer you and it is difficult for you to decide which to choose among them. I think I will be of great help.

Here are the reviews from the tours I worked as a guide on another occasion.

Tomoko was very thorough in her preparation for our tour, adapting to our programme needs, and extremely knowledgeable of Kyoto, its transport system ensuring speedy transfers between venues and the history and detail of each activity we undertook, which included Zen gardens, temples, tea ceremony, good lunch venue, advice on other sight seeing venues and the Geisha and Gion area. Would strongly recommend her to anyone wanting a quality guided tour in Kyoto.


We had a lovely tour today with Tomoko! She's really experienced and knows Kyoto as good as her palm! She explained us everything that we needed to know additionally for the next days and took us to the desired restaurant .. Really helpful and high level of knowledge.

Your knowledge of all the places you took us to was unbelievable and your English was outstanding particularly your translation of the Monk's address at the Temple of the Ringing Crickets, without you we would have missed out on his enlightening message.You really took the time to consider the things that were of interest to us and provided a fantastic itinerary that left nothing out. Both of us felt at great ease in your company and we will remember our day at for many years as the highlight of our trip to Japan. Lunch was a great treat and the Bike tour enabled us to see so much of the area especially the great variety of amazing temples.

Tomoko, once again thank you so much for giving up your time to look after us for the day.

Tomoko was very accommodating of our tour group which had a wheelchair-bound elderly. She was able to explain the history and significance of the temples we visited in good English. She also made it a point to ensure that our top interests were fulfilled during our tour with her, which was great! Last but not least, she was extremely helpful in helping one of our members retrieve a lost phone during the trip.

I needed to organize a 4-hour tour in Kyoto within 2 days - and Tomoko Yamasho responded immediately, gave helpful tips over the internet and put together a tour tailored to my interests. When we met, she turned out to be a very knowledgeable guide, flexible to my new ideas (I had gotten some more advice from friends in the meantime) with excellent English and with a good sense of humour. Thank you, Tomoko Yoshihara.
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