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by Thanisa - Japan Local Guide

Mount Fuji has been one of the most interesting tourist spots in Japan for years. It is known that you can only climb to the top of Mt. Fuji (9th Station) during summer season (around between July 7th - September 7th) each year as the other time of the year the walking trail to the top is closed due to snow cover.  Most people will only go to 5th Station through Subaru Line where you hve to pay toll of ¥2,060 to enjoy a grand scenic view of Mt. Fuji either by public bus, tour bus, or private cars. However even to 5th Station, you need to check on daily weather to see if the road is partially or entirely closed or not. Because the weather around Mt. Fuji changes quickly and drastically sometimes, so to prevent any harm or dangers on the road, the conditions of the road will be announced daily. You can find the updated information on the road conditions of Subaru Line to 5th station at the website.

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08 Feb 2019


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