Charms of Hase-dera - hydrangeas

by Yuka

Hydrangeas in Hase-dera


I know its nearly at the end of rainy season but some story about hydrangea,the flower in wet season...


Hase-dera (temple) has over 2100 of hydrangeas,30 different types, planted on the side the hill of the temple.

Every year around this season,we will see people queuing just to see the beautiful hydrangeas which may allow you more than an hour to go into the temple complex. However,I do think it is worth waiting and I can't help saying "oh wow!" every year as if it was my first time seeing this great scenery. 

Charms of Hase-dera - hydrangeas


Hydrangea bloom in different colors such as white,blue,red,pink and purple.These colors are affected by soil pH. In acid soil(<pH7.0) the bloom clusters will be blue. It would bloom in pink if it was planted in alkaline soil(>pH7.0) and white if it was in neutral pH soil(pH7.0).



In Japan, the sweet herbal tea made from Hydrangeas(called “Ama-cha”) is used in Buddhist ceremony “Kanbutsue” on 8th April. In the ceremony,ama-cha will be poured over the Buddha statue and also served to people who attended the ceremony.

Charms of Hase-dera - hydrangeas


Also in Japanese tea ceremony, “wagashi” confectionaries that we have with matcha(powdered green tea) often reflect seasonal plants which are mostly made from plant ingredients.

Charms of Hase-dera - hydrangeas

It is one of the way Japanese enjoy the seasonal changes in everyday life,appreciating the elaborate and delicate work by confectioner.


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15 Jul 2014

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