The oldest wooden temple Horyuji

by Toshiyo
This is the oldest five stories pagoda in the world. It was built in 6th century. On the first floor there were clay figures. They are origi...

Is Shinto religion mysterious?

by Masato
Shinto is the indigenous religion of our Japanese people and as old as Japan itself.Shinto originated in ancient peoples fear and supernatu...

● Trash box in Japan

by Masato
The reason why people from different countries to Japan cannot find a trash box so often is that Japanese is trained to keep a public space ...

Japanese teacup without a handle

by Masato
Most cups, which the Western people use every day, have a handle.However, the Japanese one hasnt. Why?When the Japanese drink a delicious J...

Japanese stationary and umbrella

by Kaori
Although I enjoy beautiful, unique, stylish design of products from all over the world, there are 2 categories of items, which I am pretty c...

Can rice make you a millionaire?

by Kaori
Can rice make you a millionaire?   The answer is yes, but if you were born in Japan between Edo-Meiji period.   Rice is the soul food of...

Sound of Japanese Garden

by Kaori
  Garden should be fully admired by five senses, because it is an outdoor space where you are going to be in. The experience of its beauty ...

Iaido and Tea Ceremony Workshop

by Hideaki
I guided a family from UK to Asakusa. They joined Iaido and Tea Ceremony workshop, wearing Kimono. Iaido is a kind of traditional martial a...

Samurai spirit in Nagano

by Nao
Whats the samurai spirit? If you want to know , I recommend you to know about Sanada Yukimura. He was famous for his red armor. He wa...

Shogun and Nikko Toshogu

by Nao
Shogun was the head master of all samurai and the actual ruler of Japan during the samurai era from 12th century to 19th century. There wer...


by Toshiyo
Today we had calligraphy at my house near Imperial palace. We wrote many paper.   This has been very hot in Kyoto so activities inside the ...

Japanese cemetery

by Toshiyo
CIf you climb up to Fushimi Inari Shrine you can see more sacred and peaceful section. My. Inari is a sacred mountain loved and respect for ...

Kyoto Imperial palace

by Toshiyo
This is at Kyoto IMPERIAL palace garden. Very pretty garden and it has traditional buildings. For free.

Temple / Shrine Stamps

by Hideaki
I guided a couple from Australia to Asakusa and some other places in Tokyo. In Japan, almost all temples and shrines have their own Hand-Wri...

The Cormorant fishing master's village on Nagara river side

by Koki
  In Gifu city, 6 cormorant fishing master still living on Nagara river side at Ukai no sato. This 6 cormorant fishing master is belong im...

Oda Nobunaga's origine Kiyosu Castle

by Koki
Kiyosu coference is most famous conference in Japanese history. It was about 450 years ago held at Kiyosu castle after Oda Nobunaga passed ...

The real last Samurai

by Nao
Do you know the real last samurai? Unfortunately its not Tom Cruise. I believe Hijikata Toshizo was the real last samurai. In the end of...

Nobunaga's dream Gifu Castle

by Koki
Oda Nobunaga is the king of Daimyo around  450years ago. He alomost unify battle war coutry Japan at the time. He based on Gifu castle at ...

Ji-Kabuki(Local Kabuki) in Gifu

by Koki
It pretty wonderful local entetainment in Gifu Pref. Jikabuki is local   Kabuki. You can enjoy with beautiful lunch box.

Traditional but New, A Fashionable Usage of "Furoshiki"

by Mariko
Have you ever seen or heard about a Japanese cloth called “Furoshiki”? It is a traditional Japanese cloth for wrapping up various items for ...

Ohigan, the week of equinox ~the period to visit family grave~

March 21st is spring  equinox day and the week centering   spring  or autum equinox day is called Ohigan (this year, Mar.18 to 24 and Sep....