At Night

Matsuri - feel the spirit of Japan

by Kaori
Matsuri refers to festivals. There are numerous matsuri in Japan throughout the year. The original purpose of matsuri is to show thanks for ...

Mt. Hakodate Breathtaking Night View

by Shinobu
If you visit Hakodate, this Mt. hakodate is indispensable. Why?  Because the night view is chosen as Japan Top 3 Night Views, Nagasaki, Kob...

Tokyo at Night - Best Night View in Tokyo

by Fidelia
Tokyo, like most metropolitan cities in the world, never sleeps. The sun might have set and most shops might have been closed, but there are...

Tokyo short quiz ?

Please enjoy guessing the questions.  Q1. Wher is this place?     → A1.  The Imperial Palace   A2.  Shinjuku Station     A3. Haneda intl Ai...

Night Tour at Gion District

Please find 5 places, visiting by Night tour at Gion district, where you can appreciate beautiful Autumn Tints in Autumn and you can appr...

Christmas illumination at Tokyo

by Yumi
This is amazing illumination at Roppongi Midtown, I enjoy the illumination at this place every year. We also enjoy the illumination at Ropp...

Night Festival at Chichibu in Saitama on December 2 and 3rd

by Yumi
Next weekend, Chichibu Yomatsuri, one of three most famous float festivals in Japan will come ! Huge gorgeous floats parade at night. The ...

Yokohama, Romantic waterfront

I like Yokohama.  Its romantic and nostalgic town.  Since 19th century, numerous cross-cultural stories take place here.  Japanese people wh...

Window shopping is more fun at night!

by Haruko
Winter is just around the corner! Even though the day became shorter and the air got chilly, we still have fun! The view after dark is fanta...

Dreaming of Sakura coming soon - alternative way of viewing

by Mack
Dreaming of Sakura coming soon   There is alternative way of viewing Sakura, Yozakura,  Pale pink Sakura with blue sky will give us gorge...

Tokyo Romantic Illumination - Not only the view from the top

by Mack
Tokyo Romantic Illumination Its charm is not only the view from the top Shiodome, located nearby Shimabshi and just across from Odaiba, is...

Tokyo Romantic Illumination - It's His season

by Mack
Tokyo Romantic Illumination Its December and its His season!! Shimbashi is known as the station of the first train line in Japan.  A loc...

Christmas illumination welcome you !

by Yumi
Wonderful illuminations at Roppongi midtown, and other places welcome you in this season, dont miss it!

Light up colored leaves !

by Yumi
At Rikugien Park, we can enjoy light up colored leaves, which are wonderful and fantastic scenery !

Osaka Night View and Christmas Illumination

by Hideo
Umeda Sky Building On Dec 21 I took 4 guests from Malaysia to Umeda Sky Building.  It was selected as one of the top 20 buildings around th...

Tokyo Romantic Illumination

by Mack
Tokyo Romantic Illumination  Ueno Winter Cherry Illumination Ueno park is know as the most popular site for cherry blossom viewing in Toky...

No explanation from Sado

by Fujiko
Silent conversation...