Buy your Veggies with Convenience

by Yuri

Since vending machines are not anymore just a trend, but a tradition in Japan, our daily commodities such as food can now also be bought from these convenient machines. 


Vegetable vending machines in Japan are not really that unusual anymore. Some of these veggie-dispensing machines are owned by independent farmers in the city or suburb. They supply vegetables to neighbors through vending machines for a cost. Clever, isn't it?


Some other veggie vendos are owned by big and known companies such as Kagome. Recently, Kagome Co., a known brand for healthy vegetable and fruit beverages set up a tomato vending machine targeted to runners in Chiyoda, Tokyo. The tomato vending machine, however, is only available for a limited time and will be uninstalled after a few months of operation. 


Buy your Veggies with Convenience

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13 Aug 2014

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